Friday, April 11, 2014

Why I cannot vote for Arvind Kejriwal

Now, this is going to be a long post. And it will require a lot of patience, maturity and open mind from you to decipher, comprehend and appreciate it. Let me make it clear, I am not a big Modi fan either. According to me, the most eligible guy for the PM in our country right now is Pranab Mukherjee. And yes, I hate Congress. I am talking about an individual being fit for PM. He has vast experience across years and across portfolios and has been the most trusted guys for PMs atleast since early 80s. Well, he is not in the running though. To begin with, I was never ever ever against AAP. To be frank, I was apprehensive of them. As a middle class Indian, it was quite natural for me to be so as someone was promising me the moon and politics is a dirty word in our country. I have had great respect for AK and his efforts to a large large extent are responsible for bringing in RTI in this country. I don't know how could he allow Rahul Gandhi to take credit in the Arnab interview, but nevertheless. I have met AK personally and shook hands with him when he came to FMS, Delhi for a guest lecture in 2007 or 2008, when I was a student there. At that time too, I had asked him if he was attacked or not. He replied that indeed he was and there were numerous attempts on his life. My respect for the individual increased further. At that time too, his major issue was dealing with corruption. After that, I moved to Calcutta and subsequently to Mumbai. Come 2011-12. Delhi is grappling with water, electricity, women-safety issues (which has been since time immemorial as I have stayed in Delhi from 1984 to 2005 and 2007 to 2008). But where AK became prominent was his issue of anti-corruption with Anna Hazare. I supported the movement and for all I know, if I were stationed in Delhi, I would have even gone to Ramlila Ground to show him the support. Thanks to media and lot of friends and family in Delhi, I was updated on these things. He separated from Hazare and what all. Still, I am not bothered personally. He makes a party, connects with aam aadmi, promises corruption free Delhi, makeover of issues like water, electricity and women-safety, removing VIP culture etc. When I look back, I think even I could have voted for him if I were in Delhi. Anyways, he wins against Shiela Dikshit and by a huge margin which is achievement bigger than clearing an IAS exam, according to me. He categorically mentioned that Congress or BJP are out of the question for taking support to form a Govt. But Cong. offers it, AK goes to junta who are ok with it and he is sworn in as CM. I am still with him, apprehensive but not against him. Now, this is where the story begins to change. See, one needs to remember that no one told him or asked him not to take a big house, or not travel in VIP cars etc. This is pretty much acceptable in all the countries. He announced it on its own that he will not stay in big house or have cars etc. running for his cabinet. But when he went back on his words..this is where the anti-AAP feelings started (including me). And yes, I am speaking for a lot of people here, but people felt cheated. Second, the Dec 2012 unfortunate gang rape case was clearly a sad incident and AK was very local of Shiela Dikshit's inability to control police and women safety and similar stuff like that. But, when a serious incident of the same stature happened in his tenure, that too against a Belgian National, what was his statement! What can I do, Delhi Police is not under me. And I was like..WTF?! Even I knew this but why did he blame SD for it and made a so much hue and cry?! Clearly, he realized that it is very easy to criticise from outside. Moving on. No case was filed against Shiela Dikshit for her role in CWG scam which was a promise on the manifesto. When asked about this, he said that he will be happy to see proofs against her and this is on news channel website. There is a video in which he claims that he has proofs against her and has filed FIR (before the elections though). She is now enjoying a cool life as Kerala Governor and now is almost impossible to arrest. Time for some applause - ordering CAG audit for Discoms and solving the water problems. Sincere salutes. But, what are the findings of the audit and what is being about it? I have no clue. Next. The khirki extension incident. This is a sensitive one and this is the one which personally pissed me off the most. I am ready to give benefit of doubt to Somnath Bharti that police did not do anything after numerous complaints from the residents and Bharti did try to do something to help out to solve the alleged prostitution racket going on in the neighborhood. Yes, Bharti acted in a fit of rage but the issue was indeed solved. But but but. Is just the ends important? Aren't the means equally important? Even if that African lady was a prostitute, (I am not sure it was proven or not), Bharti had no right to treat a woman like that by making her urinate and all. Again, no problem, one was in a fit of rage and anger and pressure. AK was defending him! How is he then different from other guys? He said we did internal enquiry and Bharti was innocent. Are you kidding me? You are relying on our internal enquiry and do not believe the SIT of Supreme Court which finds Modi innocent (Will come back to his). If prostitution is of so much high on the agenda, did he make efforts to raid GB road, which everyone knows is the hub of prostitution in Delhi. The dharna incident. You are CM. Your every minute is precious. Anyone can take the road. If your intelligent, educated and an ex-IAS officer, I expect you to be different and smart to sort out issues. Metro stations were closed, people are inconvenienced. Is that you are there for? Then, what has changed for the citizens..!? The session begins. Cong and BJP - the corrupt lots - vehemently oppose the Lokpal bill. Expected. AK quits. Unexpected. Did he go back to public to take permission to quit? No. When you went to people to ask to form Govt., it’s a betrayal to quit without asking them. Congress did not withdraw the support. Had Cong done that, I would have still been with him. He tried to pass the bill just ONCE and then quit. Was it an issue which was important? YES. Was it THE issue? N.O. After that, he just went berserk. Sorry, I will lose chronology now. Why did he decide to fight against Modi suddenly? What was his agenda? To tell people, see I can defeat Shiela Dikshit and I can defeat Modi, but sorry I will resign after that. If your agenda is anti-corruption, stick to it. Why did he not choose to stand against Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi who have sucked the country's blood for so many years. He was against dynasty politics. Good. Why not contest against them? Then, he goes to Gujarat for a tour and says no development has happened. He might be right. I really don’t know. What was the point? He himself quit Delhi in 49 days and questions people's verdict who have a voted an individual for 3 consecutive terms? WHY? Again, what’s his agenda? Vishal (music composer) tweets that we are stuck between a moron and a mass murderer. He re-tweets it. If you are willing to respect people's verdict, then Gujarat junta has chosen him for reasons best known to them, once right after Gujarat riots in 2002. Then, again in 2007 and again in 2012. Each time, with huge margin and not marginally! And frankly, it is not possible to tour any state and comment on it in 3 days. When he was detained in Gujarat, he categorically took Modi's name and said he is behind it. EC issued an official statement saying that police acted on their behalf. What is the point to single out an individual? Why this mud-slinging? He made hero out of a guy when he slapped Pawar. But someone slapped him, he calls it a conspiracy and says that people are doing this to stop him and stuff like that. The slapper says he was angry with him but still AK believes its a conspiracy! As an individual, I am confused, whats his agenda? You started in Delhi...stay there no. Why Modi is his target now? Secondly, he just accuses everyone of wrong doings etc. But when, he was given power, he was voted in by people of Delhi who supported, loved and brought him in..he just quit over a non-issue. If I were a voter who had voted for him, I would have felt cheated. He accused media of being paid. But when, media was giving him extensive coverage in IAC, in his campaigns, covering his Metro ride to oath and what not, at that time he was ok. When tides were moving to against him, he blamed the lot. Why? Today, I read that he believes that quitting in haste in Delhi was a mistake. But then, he adds that this allowed BJP and Congress to spread rumours and false shit against him. Again, why bring in other names? Doesn’t such loose comment make him at par with other politicians? How is he different then? This self-righteous attitude and taking high moral grounds and announcing him from top of Qutab Minar and then not following it has put me off. He admits that he is a man in a hurry. Prove your worth and people will be in a hurry to vote you for the PM. I cannot vote for such an immature guy as the PM!

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